The Path

Such a crazy rounded experiences, but I have involved in many different functions in Marketing, as a Customer Service, Merchandiser, Sales lady, Sales Planning, Account Management, and Brand Management. The current work is the most interesting one on the Product Marketing. A lot of innovation and technology come into play to make the impossible possible. It's more than a Product Marketing I would say. 


Set the proposition of the portfolios and develop the strategies with actionable  plans to ensure the sustainable growth.  Like it so much because of the involvement of the product development, understanding, planning and distributing. 

Account management

Working in this position is as much as fun since i have to go to meet different people everyday. Listening to their stories and convince them to achieve the target is my key objectives. 


A good point during the whole experience with the sales planning. Kind of collaborating with sales and brand team give the estimated numbers and performance. External factors such rainning season, festive period, holidays are all counted to ensure the closest figure.

Product marketing

Not only product marketing but working with multidisciplinary teams to tailor, innovate and bring new products to life. Lead the inspiring team to enhance the new app features with smooth and attractive UX/UI. The following fun work is on the go-to-market plan to generate awareness and experiences.